Friday, June 1, 2018

Good Preparation For a Weekend to Return to Germany in Mid-June to Regroup Duisburg

Good Preparation For a Weekend to Return to Germany in Mid-June to Regroup Duisburg

According to the provisions of the German Football Association, League second division next season will be July 15 to pull the curtain, and as the only sure you want to battle a second division next season players in China, Shao Jiayi (micro-Bo Shao Jiayi) this NFL Jerseys cheap summer The holiday also is extraordinarily short. June 13, Duisburg, the team will regroup, to new players when Shao Jiayi identity will also be the official and his teammates and coach meet and become a member of the Bianconeri.

Although it was formally assembled in mid-June, but for Shao Jiayi had to significantly advance the date for the departure, it is because as the season the team moved to Duisburg, western Germany, including housing and so many other complicated matters should Shao Jiayi the pieces to handle, so it also requires him to spend a few days time. Yesterday, Shao Jiayi Sun Jihai is also the national team veteran-together once, in his own words, this party is the "annual" in the. And this weekend, he will take a flight back to Germany, his new season will also be re-opened the curtain on this. 2011-12 season is full of a variety of purposes for Shao Jiayi is unknown, although Duisburg, Germany, is a veteran team, but this season has experienced large-scale replacement of personnel will become exactly what the team looks like, but even coach Saxi Qi had no idea. The situation serious loss of the main team is destined to re-build the framework of the team, so for every new player joining, the opportunities are equal, and good and Shao Jiayi was also with him to join the team when Cottbus Euler veteran partner for many years, which they integrate into the team for the new system, I believe there will be some benefits. Lack of time, Duisburg club in the summer to each player to develop a more detailed training program to ensure they return after the team can quickly enter the state meet the next team training. As new players join, Shao Jiayi St. Louis Rams jersey seriously during the rest fulfilled the plan for this and his many years of experience in Germany, he needs time to adapt in Duisburg should not be too long. 9th year, No. 3 teams in the 31-year-old Shao ushered in the age of the new Germany and his journey began.

He has been a father for many years through their own micro-remember Bo to their children and all children Road out "Happy Children's Day" in the football field for many years, he also fully understand the training program during the holidays to keep the state persist. Terms of physical condition and maintenance as well for many years there has been no serious decline, and psychological and technical maturity made him even more of their own, "there is room for improvement," the evaluation could become a reality in the new season. Transfer Duisburg, Shao Jiayi, and do not duplicate the trajectory of the previous two transfer, as both 1860 or Cottbus, the Bundesliga Shao two direct landing the final outcome is slow, continuous injury, The absolute lack of trust and coach living environment makes a cruel weak footing in the team he once faced the situation straight. Regardless of whether or Cottbus 1860 Munich, and ultimately has not escaped the tragic fate of relegation. German media are in the forecast which will be the third time to Green Bay Packers Jersey return to Shao Bundesliga, he was a surprise choice this time the German second division side Duisburg, western Germany, a few achievements have been stable but missed a total upgrade team. His explanation is this: better financial support, red Bundesliga goals and daily necessities, is the main reason he chose the Bianconeri.

Even coach Saxi Qi did not promise a good one main location, but the latter still choose here, in this regard that Shao for their ability to have a strong self-confidence, on the other hand also shows that this team does have a lot of the factors that attracted him to join there. The overall pattern from Chongjia view, Duisburg strength through large-scale reorganization of unknown persons, although in the second division Euler and Shao Jiayi of these early Jiang Yuan prove their ability to join, but what can run into the need verification. But for the good one, it is a good opportunity to re-team. Shao himself said he was not not go to the Bundesliga, but after careful consideration, and ultimately chose to Duisburg. Not only consider the level of the team and past achievements, as well as consider the future development potential of the combined effects of the family, Shao Jiayi choice is made after a comprehensive consideration of the decision. Whether or Cottbus 1860, Shao Jiayi each time immediately after joining the problems are "relegation" Today "relegation" into a "leveling", for the environment and atmosphere around him, the past also bound to have Super Bowl Jersey many differences. Hope Shao choice not only for his family a better impact, but also allow him the opportunity to the third stage of standing on top of Bundesliga.