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Ten Differences Between Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo

Ten Differences Between Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo

From the League to the Champions League, each road, to meet Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo - The total uniform in the sky fans booed. this regard, the Portuguese Champions League match in midweek to a big conclusion: "They boo me because I look handsome, and rich, was a star." Clearly, 9600, Mr. Wan in the eyes of all agat him, are one kind of jealousy envy hate the naked expression.??

However, why the fans boo Baltimore Ravens Jerseys Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi like while shouting the name of it? Spain's "World Sports Daily" gives the answer: because the top ten differences between the two, fans are more willing to see Barcelona on the 10th, rather than CR7. 1 vs modest narcissism Cristiano Ronaldo in the dictionary, it seems that just can not talk about his shame on the word, by doing so, he will say "I am the world's first second third" and "they envy me the most handsome and richest and the greatest players, "the wonderful thesis. But Messi mouth, Reporters never hear "I am the world's first" kind of remarks, recently accepted an interview with Fox Sports, the Argentine said: "Barcelona is the most handsome of the Peak." 2 vs respect for slander "Cried the Roman players seeking to play them we have a few less", "Arsenal to win is as simple as kicking.

However, only a 90 minute Messi "Football itself" to humiliate the opponent, but even the last beat, it will not leave any unnecessary verbal evaluation. 3 complaint vs sportsmanship When Cristiano Ronaldo was fouled, or he thinks is foul, the first reaction is to put in front of the camera exaggerated gestures, or straighten the neck to the referee to protest, complain about every opponent. And Messi is playing, the always fast up the first time, retrieve the ball, continue to invest in the game. 4 self-centered vs team the last season, all members of Real Madrid dressing Womens Ravens Jerseys room heard Cristiano Ronaldo said this sentence: "If not me, you have 20 points behind Barcelona had."??

On the other side, Messi is also involved in commercial activities, but never the Argentine soccer first.  finally had to be forced, "reports from the right direction." Barcelona, ??Lionel Messi was outside, there will come forward to help his teammates to share the pressure, which is more Argentine key to success in the locker room. 8 arrogance vs caution Last season agat Barcelona in the first Kids Ravens Jerseys round of national derby, Cristiano Ronaldo talked wildly shouting, "We have the ability to also

Messi was not available before such nonsense after the game, the Argentines have been careful to take care of his own words, never on the opponent, the referee had any complaints. 9 vs ignore jealousy Cristiano Ronaldo always forget staring at Macy's eyes, especially in the first Argentine to win the world title and the FIFA Golden Ball, the Portuguese in front of the camera to reveal the disdain of jealous expressions. Messi likely to get the same attention to every individual and collective honor, but never as these awards received by others dismissed. Cult of hate vs 10 This is a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi the most

 distinctive return. addition to the Bernabeu, Cristiano Ronaldo received only boos, but the vast majority outside the Nou Camp stadium, Messi can always get the applause of welcome away fans. It is composed by kusumiravensjerseysstore 09.17.2011